About Iya London

Iya London unearths and shares London’s overlooked stories, past and present, through guided walks, talks and research.

Iya London brings the joy of learning about London, while walking together in its streets, to new audiences.

My name’s Joanna Oyediran. I’m Iya London’s founder. I trained as a barrister and ended up working as a human rights researcher, primarily focusing on the Middle East and East Africa. 

I grew up in rural Kent and fell for London as a kid. My best childhood moments were spent exploring its streets, while my mother was at work on Ludgate Hill. As an adult, I travelled the world until I finally found a home in Shepherd’s Bush in 2010. I remain a wanderer, intrigued by the backstories of London neighbourhoods.

I took Open City’s Golden Key Academy course in 2022 and qualified as a guide. I now organize walks myself and also lead walks for clients. They have included Open City, Imperial College London, the Royal College of Art, the LSE and ITV. I also make time to lead free walks for my local community.

I like to share what intrigues me about this city. I’m fascinated by how London grew to become the world’s largest metropolis by the 1830s, by the impact of the British Empire on the city and its people, and by Londoners at play.

My focus is West London where you find less guided walks and have the chance to hear many intriguing but overlooked stories. Recently I wrote a pocket guide for Open City on the architecture of White City. It can be purchased here.

Walks are based on my own original research.



The Royal College of Art


Imperial College London

Open City

London Historians

Photos courtesy of Nathaniel Télémaque, John Ryle, Mabel Barreto, Jin-ho Chung, and Mariochukwu Washington-Ihieme Photography via Open City